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Leading Company in Megasonic Cleaning Equipment

In the megasonic cleaning business field,
Pre-Tech provides manufacturers with
tools which support industry and daily living.

In the technology evolution which has been significantly advancing, Pre-Tech ceaselessly promotes research and development activities as befits a role model for all companies striving to develop proprietary cutting-edge technologies. Products provided by Pre-Tech can roughly be divided into two categories: custom-made cleaning equipments for manufacturers of semiconductor wafers, semiconductor devices, photo masks, liquid crystals, plastic lenses, and disks; and ready-made cleaning units for peers (manufacturers in the same business). Products in both categories have been developed based on cutting-edge megasonic cleaning technologies developed through creative research and development. They have earned a sound reputation as they are essential for each quality process. Moreover, Pre-Tech is focused on the customized production to customer specifications. Pre-Tech boasts a huge profitability and competitive edge fostered by the achievement of a high level of customer satisfaction and the establishment of an efficient production system, in which the manufacture and processing of components are subcontracted to external partners.

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