Perfect Clean

Leaving not a single particle behind, and continuing in perfection…

Technologies are evolving rapidly. Being infrastructural technologies that support industry and society as a whole-not to mention everyone’s daily life-particle measurement for semiconductor wafers and devices, photo masks as well as liquid crystals has been advancing at an incredible pace from the micrometer to the nanometer scale.


The Spin Sonic Cleaning System

The Spin Sonic Cleaning System has realized high cleaning performance through Chemical-Fine-Jet and ED-Jet technology for horizontally placed wafers.

Cassette-less Wafer Cleaning System

Smooth robotized transfer without chipping considerably reduces the operational costs.

Disk Cleaning System

This cleaning equipment has shown significant effects in cleaning memory disks and liquid crystals.

Evolution Cleaning System

The Evolution Cleaning System is a highly reliable system widely implemented in the cleaning process of diverse precision parts and products.

Fine-Sonic System

Submicron Particles Can be Removed at High-Frequencies - 800kHZ -3.0MHz - Without Any Damages

Ultra-Sonic & Sweep Sonic System

Supporting Evolutionary Cleaning with Advanced Ultrasonic Technologies