Cassette-less Wafer Cleaning System

Quality and Energy Saving Coexist at a High Level.
Leading Technology for Semiconductor Cleaning

Smooth robotized transfer without chipping considerably reduces the operational costs.
Cleaning quality is much improved using FINE-SONIC.
Cassette-less cleaning equipment, which uses several advanced super-clean technologies, resolves all previous cassette-related issues for semiconductor (wafer) cleaning.


Maintaining consistency in cleaning for the cassette contact part.

Little amount of chemicals in a bath enhances finer cleaning.

Big reduction in electricity consumption.

Cut back chemicals when wafers transferring between baths.

Fine-Sonic devices(high-frequency generator/transducer) enhance particle removal efficiency without any damage to wafers.

Example of the cleaning process using cassette-less cleaning equipment

A state-of-the-art system that implements several super-clean technologies

Transfer robot